Monday, June 25, 2018

Welcome !

We are pleased to offer an informative site to help you make the best decision for oral health care and aesthetic dentistry.

We are a dental office for people who want to have an understanding of their dental health. Our energies are directed towards wellness, not just treating sickness. Clients in our practice feel empowered to participate in making choices for themselves. They understand their current dental condition and they have clarified what level of dental wellness they wish to obtain.

Quality = Comfort

We have worlds finest equipment from Planmeca, Finland which has developed a concept of a streamlined compact dental unit offering digital solutions for paper free and film free processing and viewing of intra oral photographs & x-rays whilst maintaining very high standards of hygiene and performance standards

Technology used is not to equip the surgery with all imaginable modern computer-based technology, but to offer practical solutions that pay back the investment in saved time, increased patient & doctor comfort and improved, simplified working methods.

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